Skills Summary

There is a great chance that I'll have to rewrite this section again in 3 years time.



Apps & Tools

Career History

I started my first projects in 2007 and my curiosity has taken me on a colourful
journey into modern web development from design to code.


Metdesk Ltd.

In 2015 I started working as a frontend developer for MetDesk. I am in charge to bring the best user experience for the company's public and client side websites.


Full Stack Developer

After this 6 years spent in digital world, I can say the most interesting part of it for me is the frontend development. My plan for 2015 is to became a junior frontend developer to learn new skills and gain expertise while being supervised by professionals. 


Crystalnails4u Ltd.

I had a challenging year in 2014 at a global company's UK distribution centre.
I worked for them as a full-stack developer and built a lot of handy systems for them to manage stock, customer services, communication and even an invoicing software built for they special needs at busy beauty shows.


ASDF Informatika Kft. (Hungary)

In 2012 I teamed up with one of my friends to start a new company specialised for selling simple websites for local customers in Debrecen. I was focusing on project management for the whole process of creating websites from ideas. I learned a lot about selling, customer needs, project tracking, communication and negotiation.


Faby Digitally Kft. (Hungary)

First met with HTML and web development in 2007, After playing around with it for a year I started my own company building websites. Over these years I gained skills in both frontend (html, css) and backend (php, sql) side of the process and learned a lot about servers, security and networks.